Hi! We're Lea & Winn, two Vietnamese travel enthusiasts behind Along The Trips blog (Instagram). We share our experiences and travel tips to encourage others to explore the world and work remotely.


Who's Lea?

Hi everyone, I'm Lea! Call me shy, but behind the scenes, I'm the one making this blog a visual feast. As a graphic designer with a passion for art and culture, I pour my heart into creating beautiful aesthetics for your travel inspiration. Don't be surprised if our packing tips veer towards the stylish side – a girl's gotta have her travel wardrobe, right?

Who's Winn?

Hey there, I'm Winn! I lead the writing here at the blog and wrangle all things tech. You could say I have a serious case of wanderlust – I get itchy feet if I'm in one place for too long.  Sharing my travel experiences and stories has always been a dream, so I feel incredibly fortunate to have found my partner-in-crime and finally make this blog a reality!


Along the trips – there was once a dream of Winn, who always wanted to travel the world and create a travel content project but couldn’t do it alone.

When we met and became more than friends, we shared our dreams and discovered that this project could be a dream for both of us. Winn would work on the tech and operational side, while Lea, with her creative mind, would bring the project to life.

We started this blog while we were working our corporate jobs. Fortunately, we have the flexibility of working remotely, which allows us to travel frequently while still earning a steady income. Our remote jobs, which we love, give us the opportunity to invest in both traveling and working on this blog.


To sum up, Alongthetrips, as its name suggests, is where we document our travel guides, experiences, and memories along the trips we’ve taken.

Our goals at Alongthetrips Blog are:

  • To provide genuine insights and travel guides to make your travel planning experience easier and less stressful.
  • To share our experience of how to travel the world while still working remotely.
  • To help you travel more but cost less by sharing our saving tips and resources


DISCLAIMERS: We enjoy saving and investing money wisely without being too frugal.

We prefer affordable accommodation and transportation options while traveling and enjoy street food over fancy restaurants. Though we are willing to spend on unforgettable experiences like a Ha Long Bay cruise. Let us share our experiences and tips to help you maximize your trips while saving money.

For those who want to travel comfortably without being too extravagant, we are your people!